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Portland based online learning platform Treehouse offers a range of coding related courses starting at US$25/month including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP etc. Since launching in 2011 it has helped more than 600,000 students and raised over US$12 million from venture capital firms. It has also recently launched its tech degree program offering students a real degree capable of helping the land an entry-level programming job after only 12 month’s study.

Targeted primarily at adults, this is definitely a tool that smart teenagers can get a lot from and if you have kids wanting to move from playing games to learning real skills, getting them a subscription is a good way to get them started.

For kids interested in learning to build websites there are some great introductory courses:


A 44 minute online course for people who have never written a line of code. HTML is the underlying language of every website. If you can write HTML, you can put a page on the internet. In fact, that’s exactly what this course helps you to do.

They start with a pre-written text (so you don’t need to worry about that), and you learn how to use HTML to control various elements like headlines, paragraphs and a few style tags (using CSS).


The next course is a 56 minute video on CSS (cascading style sheets) which is the language used to control the look and feel of your webpage. If HTML helps you set the rules for an individual paragraph, CSS is a set of rules you can create to apply to the whole website so that everything looks consistent.

The course teaches you how to connect HTML to CSS, edit the CSS then do fun stuff like change text colour, choose fonts and upload pictures.


Javascript is where a website becomes more interactive. With HTML and CSS, you can create words on a page and make them look pretty and consistent. Javascript is a more powerful general programming language that helps your website to function. It might add a visual effect, a button action or even a game.

With HTML, CSS and Javascript you have the 3 core programming languages of building websites. This makes it a good place to start for anyone thinking about creating their own web page, and a great creative outlet for older kids showing interest in, or talent for, coding and turning that into a practical application.

How to make a website

If your kids got through any of the above and are still raring for more, Treehouse offers a How to Make a Website course. This is a 500 minute HTML course which goes deeper into the topics above, but also covers how to upload a website online and share it with the world.

They also offer ‘tracks’ which is more like a collection of courses along the same track. So you can choose web design or game development. They even tell you how much you will earn for an entry level job on a certain track, so this will appeal to the ambitious kids ready to earn a crust online.

A great creative outlet for older kids showing interest in, or talent for, coding and turning that into a practical application.

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Bite-sized video lessons to break up learning

Step-by-step learning

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Only suitable for kids with genuine interest

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