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This book was bought for the kids by another family member and I actually came across it looking through the books in their room. Obviously, the name is appealing to me as it is shared with my youngest daughter, but when reading the book I was surprised it touches on the very idea of Mylittlecoders – imaginative kids who like building things.

Written by Steve Breen in 2008 this is a classic for ages 3-5 and then again for kids starting to read by themselves. It has great illustrations, that are bright and colourful, in a cartoon style.

The story is about Violet Van Winkle, not your ordinary girl. Violet likes to invent things and soon starts to build various types of flying machines. While the other kids tease her for being different, Violet focuses on what she loves, and with the support of her parents soon she is setting off on an adventure that makes her famous.

It’s just a great book for any kid. If you like the idea of introducing a quirkly girl who invents things to your kids then this is a lovely addition to the family reading list.

Violet Van Winkle, not your ordinary girl.

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The Good

Lovely story with an important message about individuality

Charming illustrations

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None at all

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