About Us

Our Family

Hi, we are Jack, Natalie, Nina and Violet – a family of 4 living in Singapore with our fur baby, Xabi, the Shetland Sheepdog. MyLittleCoders is a blog about raising kids in a digital world and a discussion about coding, including its relevance and ways to learn it.

Natalie and I work full time. Nina and Violet go to school just up the road where they are encountering letters, numbers, arts and craft and games. At home, the girls’ current favourites include Duplo, My Little Ponies, Disney Movies and story time. On weekends, we take them to swimming class and gym, go to cafes and try to get active on bikes or scooters.

As parents, Natalie and I are big on story time each night, teaching manners and otherwise creating a home where the girls feel loved and enjoy each day. We minimise their screen time while struggling to minimise our own in front of them.

Home is in Sydney where many of our family and friends are based.

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Xabi loves to code and when not lying around in the Singapore heat specialises in Python and Ruby on Rails. He was the family’s original baby and is now the protective sheepdog demonstrating endless patience while being cuddled (choked), pulled and kissed each day by the girls. He is the ultimate companion and is rarely more than 10 feet away when I’m writing this blog.

My Little Coders

The simple way to describe this blog is to say it represents the intersection between:

  1. The Future of Work and what will it mean for future generations; and
  2. The need to face this fact for our own children.

The format is therefore a mixture between blog articles on education, parenting and the future of work, and products that we review or recommend for parents looking for ways to help their kids. There is a growing abundance of products available, ranging from books to toys to online courses, and it’s overwhelming to know where to start. We stumbled across them and were surprised to find it all begins as early as two years old.

We still believe the simplest toy is often the best. However, the ideas coming out of entrepreneurs can be truly amazing and have made us stand around saying ‘wow’. Sometimes it’s just watching the girls enjoy technology more actively, without the zoned-out TV face, that makes it worthwhile.

Learning to code isn’t about coding itself for girls as young as ours, but it represents a skillset neither Natalie or I have, so I’m doing the best thing I can – learning more about it. In a few short months, we’ve discovered amazing role models, books we never would have found, a focus on problem solving and a range of toys that balance the household pony quota.

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